Our Promise to You


Calm, inspiring, creative, caring
and fun.


Reinforcing your
family values and ideals.


Developing your child
through projects.

Our Centre

At Kidditech we provide a warm inviting preschool environment where relationships are key, everyone is cared for and respected, and feels valued as part of our community. We have a unique learning programme and environment based on science and technology concepts and project work that builds on children’s interests and natural curiosity. As a husband and wife management team we bring our skills and interests, early childhood teaching and engineering, to our unique family focussed early learning centre.

More About Us

Our Project Work

Alongside the wide variety of hands on experiences and learning provided for children within the day to day life of the centre we are continually involved in projects. The teachers work with the children to plan each termly project using everyone's ideas and theories. We offer project group work as a focused time to explore activities, interests and new experiences incorporating all of the curriculum areas.

Bugs & Insects

The interest in bugs and insects began with one child

Healthy Mind, Active Bodies

Before this project began the children had an increasing interest


Dinosaurs were a common interest for many of our children.

Our Activities

Our children learn in groups and as individuals in an environment rich in discovery and exploring of a wide variety of activities. From science to music, baking, and gardening extending on the interests and ideas of all children.


Play in nature is an important part of a child’s


Baking and food preparation is messy, delicious and fun and

Music & Arts

Music is a fun and creative way to come together


Technology is an everyday tool for us all and we


Trips form a valuable part of our project work and


Science at Kidditech is all about capturing and extending the

What our parents say

Our NPS Score is: 100

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a survey we use regulalry to measure parent satisfaction with what we offer to our preschool children and their families. It is a survey that is used worldwide and the industry average for education is currently 13. The range is from -100 to +100. We are very proud of our score.

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Meet our Team

Our team are an amazing bunch of people, our teachers are passionate and qualified. We have great teacher child ratios. Children and families are our priority but looking after our teachers is a focus for us too, this is evident through our very low teacher turnover.

Our Philosophy

Positive relationships based on support, respect and trust underpin the education and care Kidditech provides to young children and their families. We are passionate about the holistic well-being, learning and development of children and we value the connectedness of whanau and community.

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