Project Work

Projects offer so many opportunities for children’s ideas to be valued, their creativity to be encouraged, their interests to be nurtured, and for their learning needs to be met.

Alongside the wide variety of hands on experiences and play provided for children within the day to day life of the centre, we are continually involved in projects. The teachers work with the children to plan each term’s project using everyone’s ideas and theories. We offer project group work as a focused time to explore activities, ideas and experiences incorporating all of the curriculum areas.

Rather than offering immediate answers to the questions children ask, teachers provide experiences through which children can discover the answers themselves. Children are also supported to look for answers in books, on the internet, with their parents at home, getting out in the community or inviting visitors into the centre.

Bugs & Insects

The interest in bugs and insects began with one child

Healthy Mind, Active Bodies

Before this project began the children had an increasing interest


Dinosaurs were a common interest for many of our children.