Will my child’s interests and needs be catered for?

As a parent, you want to know that while your child is at preschool/childcare they are having fun, learning, happy and their individual needs are met.

Each parent expects different things from their child, and what they want their child to get out of their early year’s education. At Kidditech we aim to support the values and aspirations you have for your child as best we can.  We are more than happy to support families with any dietary exclusions their child may require, nappy/toileting routines and sleep needs. Our programme embraces children’s lives and interests both within and outside the centre and we encourage parents and other family members to share things they have been doing with their children with us at the centre and on Storypark too.

Our teaching team is experienced identifying and extending on children’s interests, development and dispositions and we use the early childhood curriculum to plan for children. We celebrate ideas, participation and success, empowering children to become competent and confident learners and communicators with positive self esteem. Children’s interests, learning, celebrations and fun times are shared with parents and whanau regularly using Storypark eportfolios and in daily conversations.

Sarah helping a child build with Lego