What will you do to support my child to be ready for school?

Ensuring children are well prepared for school and the next step of their learning journey is as much about social skills and independence as it is about letter and number recognition. Being able to care for belongings, dress themselves and ask for help are equally as important as an interest in drawing, writing and books. At Kidditech we support parents in the role you play in ensuring your child will have a successful start to formal schooling after they turn 5. The teaching team encourage children to engage in small group activities, take on leadership roles and support their growing independence. The important part is that both parents and teachers work together to support each child to have a successful and smooth transition to school and greater independence.

We work hard to maintain a relationship with our local schools. The local schools tell us the children who come to them from Kidditech are well adjusted and ready to learn which makes the transition from preschool to school a smooth one.

Lou supporting name writing