Communication is a focus for us and a big part of building relationships with the families involved with Kidditech.  We regularly ask for feedback and these testimonials are some of the feedback we have received.

The kids love Kidditech and settled in really fast. The teachers take note of the kids interest and base activities around what they want to do, and involve them in things like baking and gardening. I love seeing what my kids are doing during the day when I'm not there via Storypark.


Kidditech has lovely teachers and supportive environment . The teachers are warm and caring. They encourage the kids to be good little people and care for their friends and all living beings and also to look after mother nature. The facilities offer diversity of different activities and help the kids develop all sorts of motor and social skills. My son absolutely loves going to kidditech every morning and he treats it like a second home. I feel good about sending my son to such a loving, nurturing, accepting and supportive place.


I recommend Kidditech because from the moment I first spoke to Lou at Barrington Mall up until now, Lou and all the team at Kidditech have been very patient and understanding with the way Eli and I chose to settle him in to his first preschool (Kidditech!). I find the whole team very warm, welcoming, interested and overall they just seem happy to be where they are and passionate about what they're doing. I was really very skeptical about sending Eli to preschool as I wasn't sure that preschools were going to offer what I wanted for Eli which was freedom of play and morals that are respectful and age appropriate but I have found Kidditech all that I wanted and then some. In saying all of this, I've no other experiences to compare to but at the same time, it's a good thing that I don't because I really got a hole in one with selecting this preschool!


We love kidditech! My eldest son went to three preschools before we found a small one that suited him. We have been lucky this time with Arahpeta. I took time to look around and avoided the big centres with big numbers of children. He always seems happy and staff are soooo lovely and actually engage with you when you pick up your child. Also other parents are lovely too. Arahpeta loves preschool :-)


We have had an awesome experience moving to Kidditech from a different preschool. The staff have been so kind and nothing ever seems to be a problem. Such a great environment, I feel confident that my son is being well looked after each day.


Kidditech has a lovely, warm atmosphere that my son just thrived in. The teachers are always there to welcome us with big smiles and friendly faces. My son loved kidditech and thrived there, I'm so glad I chose that learning environment for him.


Kidditech preschool has lovely caring teachers, and the physical environment is very practical and supports all the fun activities the teachers provide the children. It's a great wee preschool!


The teachers are amazing. Their passion and care is reflected in the environment that welcomes children but also treats them as individuals and creates projects and activities that challenge and engage them in learning through a science and technology lens.


All the teachers are amazing and easy to talk to! My son used to cry at his previous daycare everyday at drop off, here he settled really quickly, no tears! Fantastic place.